What I can tell you is that since I first ventured into this business and spoke to Keith Wright on the phone, he was willing to answer a lot of stupid questions from me, being new. He never seemed perturbed or tried to rush me. I have since experienced the same willingness from his staff even though I still am not a big producer and still ask dumb questions. So I consider myself very fortunate to have entered this business and partnered with his firm.

Thanks for all the help.


I so appreciate Wright and Associates on how they assist agents.   They also represent wonderful, reputable companies to work with.  Honest and efficient are two words that well describe how I am treated.  Keep up the good work!


I choose to work with Wright and Associates because I know I can trust them. The service staff is extremely reliable. They assist with questions and issues almost immediately. The quotes and proposals I receive are sent along with a proposal spreadsheets that save me time when creating client presentations. They provide agent training on any new products that they represent. I have worked with them for over 15 years and have never regretted it.